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In a world full of beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts, cosmetic industries are hailed higher than anything else. In a fierce and competitive cosmetic war where every one of you wants the best for yourself, who should you trust? Certainly not the ones that disregard your needs only to promote what they have in store. 

It is easier to find a million cosmetic companies on the internet or in the physical market, but the one that would always stand out is the one that takes pride in meeting customer requirements. 

At Stancos, customer preference and likability are the topmost priority when it comes to customer satisfaction. But what do we really do?   

Who are we?

Since 1991, Stancos has been a major part of Pakistan's Cosmetic Industry. A sister concern of Nabiqasim Industries – a notable and prominent pharmaceutical industry as well as a leading exporter of pharma products. Stancos mainly deals in Skin Care, Hair Care, Home Care and Personal Care Products. 

Winning Pakistan Brand of the year in 2009 for Caress Honey Lotion, Stancos has set a higher bar in terms of quality assurance. 

Note that our company is the one and only cosmetic company in Pakistan to have ISO 22716: 2007 (GMP Cosmetic) Certification. 

What is our aim?

In Stancos Private Limited, we hold a clear and solid vision of creating the best value for all of our stakeholders by creating a viable and distinct edge in the products that we manufacture as well as the activities that we perform. By doing so, we intend to lead the personal care business and cosmetic market in Pakistan. 

With the aim of creating innovative products, Stancos stands firm in delivering what they promise. Apart from manufacturing the brands such as White Miracle, Caresse, Caresse Naturals, All Clear, Actives, Bug Off, it also provide toll manufacturing services to Garnier, L’Oreal, Selsun Blue-Sanofi Aventis, Capri – ZIL, White & Bright, and many more brands, Stancos focuses on climbing to the mountaintop of the cosmetic market first in Pakistan and then abroad. 


Quality assurance is the topmost priority for Stancos Pvt. Limited, which is backed by the extensive testing of each product in our state of the art laboratory. 

Besides these two highly prioritized objectives, Stancos focuses on maintaining the improvement of each product and its quality to satisfy the customers as well as the stakeholders.

For an exclusive touch, Stancos also utilizes authentic as well as imported fragrances, giving their products the extra oomph.

What do we provide?

  • For suitable hair, body, face, and makeup preferences, Stancos Pvt. Limited formulates as well as offers products that are pre-packaged and customized to provide the utmost quality to the customers according to their needs.
  • In connection with OEM / ODM, business, Stancos also provides one-stop ship advantages to their customers. 
  • For safe and effective delivery of products, a highly trained staff is hired to develop and research the latest advances in science and technology. 
  • Stancos takes pride in providing quick and easy delivery schedules
  • We offer competitive prices on all of the products and services
  • Extremely professional in-house molding facility
  • High quality and high-speed filling/packaging equipment
  • Professionals like our skilled chemists work hard to develop and create such products that become a customer’s best friend in no time. 
  • Instead of providing a simple product, we aim to provide products that align perfectly with our client’s needs. 
  • Maintaining long and healthy trade relations with all of our clients so that it brings mutual benefits and profits. 

With our consistent determination to provide quality products and exquisite services, we always meet and often exceed our customer expectations. Doing so, for many years has helped us build a strong infrastructure, which in turn helps us transcend national boundaries.

Leaving a prominent mark in the domestic market, Stancos Pvt. Limited is now all set to expand its reach, soliciting queries from significant entrepreneurs across the globe.   

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