Returns & Exchange

  • In case a damaged, leaked, dried, broken, or incorrect product is received by a customer, Stancos will take responsibility and a replacement will be given to the customer. 
  • Any other damage done to the product during the shipment/delivery process will be accounted for and a refund/exchange offer will be provided.
  • Allergic reactions to any kind of ingredient in the products will not be accounted for by the website. There is a reason why product descriptions are provided right below the products. 
  •  To avoid such confusions, it is essential for customers to pay attention to the details of the product at the time of placing an order.
  • The return policy does not accept the products back just because a customer does not ‘like’ it or has changed his/her mind due to any personal reason. 
  • We do not accept used, unlabeled products. If you want to return something, please make sure the original packaging is intact.
  • In case of any query, please make sure to share the concern via email or phone call within three days after receiving the package.
  •  While claiming a return/exchange, make sure you have an original invoice of the payment.
  • If a customer contacts the website after 10 days of receiving the package, no queries will be accepted. 
  • Unless your product is broken, damaged, or incorrect, the return policy will not cover it.
  • If the returned item was purchased through a coupon or sale, the refund would be of the paid price instead of full.

Note: We do not deal with inauthentic or fake products. Any customer stating as such will not be given a refund or an exchange.

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