At Stancos, we take customer privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Like any other website, we too ask for information from our customers. Note that the data you are required to provide in the process of ordering something from us is purely for a smooth delivery process. 

Collecting Information

Picking the products from your cart to dispatching and delivering them to your doorstep without any error is why we require a bit of information from your side, such as:


Complete Address

Phone Number


What do we really do with this information?

When you feed your basic information into our secure servers, the process begins – in a completely confidential manner. The sole purpose of the data form is to better understand your needs and according to those, provide you with a smooth service. 

First things first, Stancos uses your personal information for confirming your order and keeping a link between you and the delivery process to make sure you get what you have ordered.

When you place an order for the first time, our customer representative will call, email or text you for confirmation. Once the confirmation has been done, the order moves on to dispatching and delivery. 

Note: Once the order is placed, the items in your cart and their quantity can easily be changed. 

When the delivery has been made, the information is utilized for;

    1. Statistical purposes such as improving the website, product, or services
    2. Effectively responding to your queries, complaints, and any other service requests. 
    3. Conveying ads, promotional emails, and other website content that you might be interested in.
  • Updating the customer on new sales, product launches, and special offers.
  • Based on your information and feedback, we amend and improve our website offerings
  • When you provide your data to our website, we assume your consent and agreement on receiving the mentioned information – ads, offers, and sales via phone, email, or text messages.   

    Note that our website does not collect information by any other means and it is only when you register or place an order, your data gets stored with the server.      


    The act of giving out your personal information can be extremely fearsome, which is why we make sure that the data our website collects is safeguarded and secured by electronic, managerial, and physical procedures. 

    Through our proficient policies, we make sure that your information is secured by any unauthorized access or disclosure. While we collect and utilize the data for above mentioned reasons, we do not lend, distribute or sell it to third parties without your consent. 

    What about cookies?

    Our website surely uses cookies to save, track and personalize data for each user session – the time you spend on our website. They are used to streamline and simplify the user experience. The refusal of cookies can lead to multiple logins after every visit and can make the shopping experience troublesome.

    Cookies are usually stored in your web browser for two reasons; tracking your information and for record-keeping.

    Whenever you choose to revisit our website, your browser will return your data to the web server through the cookie you had accepted on your previous visit. 

    Cookies can be refused or avoided by a simple click. You can even set your browser to give an alert whenever a website is trying to send you unwanted cookies. 

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